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You Watch What, Now?

1.2: Dec. 2013, The Guilty Pleasure Issue. This month we binged and purged on so-called “guilty pleasures” and questioned whether we should feel so guilty about them after all. With a guest submission from Variety’s AJ Marechal and an analytical retelling of the Big Brother season one uprising, try not getting sucked up into the content below. You know you want to.

Nine to Fives

1.1: Nov. 2013, The Workplace Issue. Memorandum: From 1960s skyscrapers to invisible boardrooms in David Simon’s Baltimore, you are what you work. Textured with guest submissions from Mad Rock, A Softer Madison Avenue, and Jim Halpert Faces, the November 2013 social (multi)media issue is our steno pool on the American TV office. On behalf of teachers and Tumblrers across the Web, we are thrilled to bring you the first issue of Watercooler Journal.