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Only Two Hours From the Beach!

5.4: May 2017, The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend issue. This is what happiness feels like! This month, we took a quick trip to West Covina, California and, although it may be where Josh lives, that’s not why we’re here. We’re actually here at the invitation of Rachel Bloom, the creative force behind the Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe-winning series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The show follows Rebecca Bunch as she moves across the country after a small interaction with a high school fling to the town of West Covina, where through wacky antics and larger-than-life musical numbers, she attempts to win back her former flame while searching for her own unique brand of happiness. Although it might’ve been a shit show, it’s time for you to face your fears and settle for us in this months issue of the Watercooler Journal.

Welcome to Stars Hollow!

5.3: April 2017, The Gilmore Girls issue.Welcome to Stars Hollow, founded in 1779. Local fare includes: Luke’s Diner, Doose’s Market, Miss Patty’s Dance School and the Dragonfly Inn. The town gained global recognition for being the home of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (aka the Gilmore Girls of WB and CW fame). On your visit to Stars Hollow, enjoy a dish from somewhere in the world at Al’s Pancake World, watch a classic at the Black, White, and Read Bookshop/Theatre, or just sit under the Gazebo to observe the town from afar. So, please, join us on a tour of this quaint little Connecticut town to see all that these eccentric townsfolk have to offer you, because, after all, where you lead, we will follow.

Welcome to ShondaLand

5.2: March 2017, The ShondaLand issue. Shonda Rhimes has become a television juggernaut in the years since her 2005 game changer Grey’s Anatomy first hit the air on ABC. Now, in 2017, she has a complete monopoly on Thursday night television, having her own block of programing consisting only of shows she has created and/or executive produced (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder). So join us as we take a tour of Shondaland and the various shows that crowned Shonda Rhimes the queen of tv drama.

Shante You Stay

5.1: January 2017, The RuPaul’s Drag Race issue.Charisma. Uniqueness. Nerve. Talent. What do these characteristics have in common? We don’t know, we’re not scientists. What we do know is that all of these traits are shared by an elite group of 100 men in wigs who have grabbed the attention of the (gay) world through the rigorous and challenging arena known as RuPaul’s Drag Race. These entertainers have stolen the hearts of millions of fans across the world (even in countries where the program is banned) and it’s no surprise why. So, start your engines and may the best reader WIN!

Into the Lyons Den

4.4: November 2016, The Empire issue. Blood is thicker than water, and music is stronger than violence. So what happens when your family is full of monsters who make music, like vodka better than water, and have a pension for violence? Join us as we examine the relationships of a family in turmoil and how they cope through music in a cut-throat industry. You may not want our money, but you’ll definitely want our Empire issue.

A Familia Affair

4.3: May 2016, The Jane the Virgin issue. [Latin Lover Narrator]: Telenovelas have always featured a unique style, complicated relationships, and family values. Jane the Virgin has found a way to combine these familiar traits with the American dramedy, catching the hearts of fans from so many diverse backgrounds. In this month’s issue, we explore the mixture of storytelling techniques, and the relationships within them — romantic, platonic, and familial. We hope this issue captures your heart too (or we’ll have to kidnap it!)

The Truth is Right Here

4.2: April 2016, The X-Files issue. Viewers have always had an intense connection with The X-Files, which had one of the first major fandoms. It’s fitting that this month’s issue is about connections – between humans and aliens, between old fans and new, between two FBI agents who need each other more than they realize. We’re all looking for connection, and like the truth, we’ll find it somewhere out there. In the meantime, we hope this issue connects with you.

Keep Watercooler Journal Weird

4.1: March 2016, The Steven Universe issue. Steven Universe is a children’s show about grief, gender, and giant women; in other words, its identity is as complicated as its characters. Some contain multiple personas, while others are missing a crucial part of themselves. Some try to change their future, while others wrestle with their past. This month, we explore Steven Universe’s fusion of identity and fandom.

No Holds Barred

3.8: December 2015, The WWE issue. After 50-plus years on the air, WWE has a legacy that rivals most soap operas. It follows larger-than-life characters through decades-long storylines. It features feuds, failures and flawed feminism. And it inspires fan tributes both big and small. WWE is a show that has always been forced to contend with its legacy, and this month’s issue explores why you just can’t pin WWE down.

Six Seasons and a Journal

3.7: November 2015, The Community issue.Just as college unites students from various backgrounds, Community excelled at combining disparate worlds into one narrative, like Dan Harmon’s personal Dream-Atorium. This month’s issue brings together various elements of the show and its fans, using several mediums to analyze its use of imagination, psychology and alternate timelines. From study groups to fandoms, this month we explore how a Community comes together.

Panel Discussion

3.6: October 2015, The Comic Books Issue. TV shows based on comic books were once considered niche genre fare. But while comic adaptations are more popular than ever, it’s important to consider history. Whether it’s a revision of characters’ backstories, a history of TV superheroes, or an analysis of the genre’s struggles with representation, consider this issue the origin story of comic books on television: a look back so we can see what the future holds.

Papers + Think Pieces 2015

3.5: Sep. 2015, The Papers + Think Pieces Issue. Within these pages, you’ll find an academic year’s worth of TV analysis that we found striking, including a study of fan vidders (by Kimberly Lynn Workman), a deconstruction of sexism in How I Met Your Mother (by Rayna McKinley), and an explanation of how The Americans gets American viewers to side with Russian spies (by Liron Cohen, Contributor of the Month).


The Lone Wolf Dies

3.4: May 2015, The Game of Thrones Issue. In the game of thrones, you win or you die. But first, you’re utterly transformed. Through parody and paintings, gifs and gore, the fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones explore how this world of bloodshed shapes the lives of Westerosi. Spread across the Seven Kingdoms and beyond, the Starks each navigate an avalanche of violence, loss, and manipulation, forming the centerpiece for the show — and our issue.

Get On Your Feet

3.3: Apr 2015, The Parks and Recreation Issue. From personal growth to evolving relationships to professional advancement, Parks and Rec has always been about the growth of a community – in both the fictional town of Pawnee and its real-life fandom. So join us for one last ride as we say farewell to Parks and Recreation. We’ll miss you in the saddest fashion.