Welcome to Stars Hollow!

5.3: April 2017, The Gilmore Girls issue.Welcome to Stars Hollow, founded in 1779. Local fare includes: Luke’s Diner, Doose’s Market, Miss Patty’s Dance School and the Dragonfly Inn. The town gained global recognition for being the home of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore (aka the Gilmore Girls of WB and CW fame). On your visit to Stars Hollow, enjoy a dish from somewhere in the world at Al’s Pancake World, watch a classic at the Black, White, and Read Bookshop/Theatre, or just sit under the Gazebo to observe the town from afar. So, please, join us on a tour of this quaint little Connecticut town to see all that these eccentric townsfolk have to offer you, because, after all, where you lead, we will follow.